2 ; 2 ; in Month : August (2020) Article No : sjomd-v2-1008
Anindya Lahiri and Samuel Ebbs

There is anecdotal evidence suggesting buried K-wires are superior to unburied or exposed K-wires due to lower pin track infection rates, although the evidence remains unclear. We present a closed loop audit looking at a single surgeon’s experience of 111 consecutive cases requiring K-wires in hand surgery. Our pin track infection rates differed between a series of 3 consecutive cohorts. Pin track infection rates were 2% in an initial cohort of buried K-wires, 14.3% in a second cohort of exposed K-wires and 0% in a third cohort when practice was changed back to burying the K-wires. Our experience demonstrates there was a measurable difference in post-procedure infection rates between burying and exposing K-wire ends.

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