2 ; 1 ; in Month : March (2020) Article No : sjomd-v2-1002
Guido Schröder, Christina Dahms, Raimond Boldt, D

Abstract Purpose: High heels have been a fashion mainstay for women for 100s of years despite the well-known fact that wearing them often causes pain in the feet, legs and back. The cause of this pain is complex and the root cause of it has not been determined because a study exploring the biomechanical effects on the vertebral torsion moment on wearers has not been undertaken. Methods: Using video raster stereography, 140 women were measured while in bare foot and while wearing high heels. The collected parameters formed the basis for biomechanical model calculation in order to make more accurate statements about the torsion moment and muscle strength. In addition, a multivariate regression analysis was carried out to evaluate influence factors on pain that occurred while wearing high heels. Results: One hundred and thirty-six women (97 %) aged 18 to 79 years finished the study. The comparison between the measurement points showed a significant difference in the torsion moment. In the regression analysis, the heel height and the frequency of wearing high heels were significant factors influencing the occurrence of pain. Conclusion: Wearing high heels is associated with changes in the posture parameters. The torsion moment is reduced but it does not influence the development of pain which is mainly affected by the height of the heels and the frequency of wearing high heels. In the present study especially, the wearer’s feet were affected.

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