3 ; 1 ; in Month : February (2021) Article No : sjomd-v3-1010
Vitor Alves Cruz

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic rheumatic disease, characterized by erosive and destructive arthritis, representing an important cause of disability. Interstitial lung disease is not a rare event and can be aggravated by several immunosuppressive medications. Methotrexate, once seen as a drug associated with interstitial pneumonitis, is now seen as an agent capable of slowing or preventing the progression of lung disease related to rheumatoid arthritis. Anti-TNFs currently represent the class with the greatest impact on the course of pulmonary disease in RA, with a significant increase in mortality. Among the immunobiological agents, abatacept and Rituximab stand out in relation to the pulmonary safety profile.

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